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Exquisite place for recreation, business and entertainment

We are very happy to contribute to Your inventive projects. Talking about them, the variety is really abundant. From outdoor restaurants to entertainment complexes for families, Christmas fairs and meditation domes. During its lifetime, COSMO DOME has delighted many people by helping them make their dreams a reality. We are ready to help You, dear Friend.

We invite You to a journey, during which You will learn more about COSMO DOME activities and implemented projects. We believe that all this will give you enough useful information and courage as well as determination to be able to see Your vision clearly and with our help make it a reality.

Here are some examples of projects we have implemented. So, dear reader, we invite you to pour a cup of coffee or tea, sit back and enjoy this journey with COSMO DOME team.

Domes for entertainment and recreation

Roof top dome

Dome in business sector

Dome on the rooftop of business center Quadrum

Recreation on the lake shore

Glamping dome

Glamping domes

Recreation for adults – “Forest Domes”

Glamping domes

“Sky Woods Glamping” – recreation in National park of Labanoras

Recreation surrounded by nature

“Alove Glamping”

Domes for business. Outdoor restaurant

“Zarabù Lounge”

Recreation for body and mind

Dome for meditation

Domes for business – temporary shopping and entertainment points

Project “Saugoma ir Tau”. Museum in dome.

Poilsio ir pramogų zona

Residential quarter surrounded by forest – “Miško ardai”

dome in public park

The oldest park of Lithuania “Skaistakalnis” – info dome center

Glamping domes

Palanga Beach Dome

Recreation and entertainment complex for the whole family

“Margio” resort

Domes for business

“Brussels Mussels” winter outdoor restaurant

Domes in the public sector

Dome outdoor class

Domes for business – temporary shopping and entertainment points

A Christmas tale in the domes. Druskininkai city

Domes for business – temporary shopping and entertainment points

“Klaipėda Padel” tennis court

Domes for business – temporary shopping and entertainment points

Concert and celebration dome stage. Pilviskiai city.

Domes for business. Outdoor restaurant.

Vytautas Mineral SPA

Domes for business. Outdoor restaurant

Winter hot drinks bar

Let’s create the dome of your dreams together!

Your vision requires impeccable determination, CERTAINTY and PERSEVERANCE, which COSMO DOME is abundant with.

Kalvarijų g. 151, Vilnius