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For meditation

Dome – a building easily adaptable to any activity. Meditation is no exception. Due to its impressive design and the majestic aura hidden inside, meditating in such a dome is a real pleasure. It is difficult to explain the feeling when you enter this dome – as if the body and soul are filled with inner peace and harmony before you even start meditating. And when you do this practice, you feel like you’re in the right place at the right time.

The dome for meditation is a real oasis of peace, helping You to look deep inside and relax completely. It charges Your batteries and fills You with infinite inner strength and wisdom. So if meditation is as important to You as it is to us, we recommend this dome for You, dear reader.



Our team used a galvanized steel frame with a white PVC tent.

If you have Your own vision, tell us and we will be happy to help You fulfill it. We are here to encourage Your creation and by combining our wisdom with Your help to find the optimal solution.

Construction: 20sq/m, 4m diameter, 3m height.
Frame: Galvanized steel.
Dome cover: White PVC tent.
Doors: Zipline type, awning.
Round wooden sole.
Upper air purge.

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Let’s create the dome of your dreams together!

Your vision requires impeccable determination, CERTAINTY and PERSEVERANCE, which COSMO DOME is abundant with.

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