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Outdoor class

Dome can be a great tool to engage children in learning. In this age of technology and innovation, it is becoming increasingly difficult for growing children to be interested in or surprised by something. The usual classroom and school bench are becoming boring for the growing generation of the future… The special aura hidden inside the dome encourages concentration, curiosity and a desire to improve. The dome is designed to engage students in non-formal education with the aim of engaging them and involving them in the educational process.

kupolu gamyba
kupolu gamyba
kupolu gamyba

Dome for children

The learning environment and new solutions to engage children and encourage them to grow and develop are just as important as the knowledge itself which is transmitted to future generations. The Cosmo Dome outdoor class breaks established standards and ignites a new spark into forever burning flame of curiosity. All in order to nurture an educate, leader-rich future generation that will help our planet to survive. Leaders who’ll unite our race and in communion will seek new heights and progress in our civilization’s journey to a bright tomorrow.

Construction: 28sq/m, 6m diameter, 3,5m height.
Frame: Galvanized steel.
Dome cover: Transparent, tinted PVC awning.
Door: Plastic, lockable doors.

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Let’s create the dome of your dreams together!

Your vision requires impeccable determination, CERTAINTY and PERSEVERANCE, which COSMO DOME is abundant with.

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