Project for protected areas “Saugoma ir Tau”

Portable museum in


“Saugoma ir Tau” is like a school that tells about what wonderful works of nature lie in the land of Lithuania. These portable museum domes are located in the largest cities of Lithuania – Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipeda.

The museums teaches about Lithuanian reserves, regional parks and other natural treasures in Lithuania. You can also learn about Lithuanian animals, as well as what each of us can do for saving their lives .

We are proud of these museums because they awaken people’s consciousness. It does so by spreading goodness and warmth and helping the public understand how important it is to love Mother Nature and our friends animals.



The dome frame used for the project is galvanized metal. With branded “Saugoma ir Tau” PVC awning, designed especially for this project. This portable museum in the dome is like a school of flora and fauna, the Lithuanian National Geographic.

Construction: 20sq/m, 5m diameter, 3m height.
Frame: Galvanized steel, painted.
Dome cover: PVC tent, colored with the “Saugoma ir Tau” brand according to the project theme.
Doors: Plastic, lockable type door with automatic lock.
Additional services:
Made a special pad with media for the exhibition and a glass cover.
Sound system.

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