Info center in dome


In oldest park of Lithuania “Skaistakalnis”

The oldest Panevėžys park founded in the 19th century was reborn into a new era. It is expected to become the center of attraction of the city. New tracks, seating areas, benches and… COSMO DOME tempered glass dome with aluminum profile frame, as well as an additional integrated solar panel. This dome will act as an info center and welcome incoming visitors.

Kupolas stiklinis

Tempered glass dome

The dome – an info center, provides a great opportunity to attract and interest park visitors to the activities taking place here. Thanks to its distinctive modern twenty-first century design, this dome attracts crowds of people wherever it stands, for any kind of Your business. Whether it is a hotel, an outdoor class, a stage or, as in this case, an info center for a beautiful restored 19th century park. Our history and past are just as important as the present and the future. The Info Center dome designed by COSMO DOME – helps adults and their offsprings learn about their history and respect the past and our origins.

Construction: 20ksq/m, 4m diameter, 3m height.
Frame: Aluminum profiles.
Dome frame: Tempered glass.
Door: Lockable plastic doors.

  • Sun collector.
  • Spacial floor for dome.

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